Counter Strikes: GO Account- All That You Need to Know

Counter Strikes – The Game

The CS: GO is how the popular Counter Strikes – Global Offensive game is referred to. This is a shooting video game featuring multiple players in two teams, a terrorist group, and a counter- terrorist squad whose sole aim is to outwit and eliminate each other while accomplishing individual objectives.

The game comes in six modes and each level has its own unique features and characteristics. Because, this is a multiplayer game, there is a process which enables players to come together for online playing sessions, where the gamers play and connect as per their playing-level skills and compete professionally on dedicated gaming servers.

A CS: GO Account and Ranking System:

The CS: GO developer team has an exciting matchmaking system which enables players to enjoy better gaming experience. The games have a very competitive matchmaking system based on skill sets and Elo ranks.

What’s an Elo rating? It is the rank/ the rating which goes up or comes down based on the result of the games that are played between rated players. The winning players get to take points from the losing players. And the difference in these points determine the total points that are won or lost after a game is completed.

Based on your skill levels and competitive ranking system you will be matched with players of similar skill sets. As you’re matched for the first time, your task is to win the placement matches which will enable the games’ ranking system to place you according to your distinction level.

Your performance will be assessed and you can play any number of games as you want but only with players who have been rated similarly in your ranking range. Depending on your wins and losses, your ranking will be adjusted once a match is over. As you get better, you will be placed in a higher order skills group and vice versa.

If you miss playing for a certain period, your skills group will become nullified until you earn it back by winning again.

A CS GO account here is therefore only on merit. Your ranking will be stable and improve only as per the number of games that you have played and won. Players who are unable to play for some time, do look at buying CS GO account options for sale and trading.

July 4, 2017

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